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Chariezared TikTok’s Rising Star – Pelisflix

Chariezared TikTok’s Rising Star – Pelisflix

Nov 29, 2023

Chariezared is a 19-year old TikTok creator who has taken the video-sharing platform by storm. With over 10 million followers and 300 million likes, Chariezared has established herself as one of TikTok’s biggest stars. Her hilarious comedy skits, impressive dance videos, and creative lip-syncs have earned her a massive and devoted fanbase called the “Chariezies”.

In this analytical essay, I explore Chariezared Charrlsy’s meteoric rise to TikTok fame. The key aspects I analyze include:

  • Her popular TikTok content and video styles
  • Collaborations with TikTok megastars like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio
  • Cross-platform presence across YouTube, Chariezared Instagram etc.
  • Hobbies and passions beyond content creation
  • Her influence as a Gen Z role model

By taking an in-depth look at what makes Chariezared such a sensation, we can better understand the factors behind her phenomenal success and mass appeal.

Dissecting Chariezared Charrlsy’s Winning TikTok Formula

With so many creators vying for attention on TikTok, what sets Chariezared Charrlsy apart? A major factor is her versatile content that appeals to a wide audience. Let’s analyze the types of videos that have brought her fame and over 10 million followers.

Comedy Skits

Chariezared claim to fame are her hilarious skits where she impersonates celebrities, parodies viral content, and pokes fun at everyday situations. Some of her most popular skits include:

  • Celebrity impressions: Her spot-on impersonations of stars like Ariana Grande showcase her acting chops and sharp comedic timing. These have earned 50+ million views.
  • TikTok trend parodies: She puts her own spin on trends like the Buss It Challenge, garnering 40 million+ views.
  • Collaborative skits: Swapping personalities with Addison Rae highlights Chariezared Charrlsy’s chemistry and improv skills. These skits draw in 30+ million eyeballs.

By latching onto trending memes and current events, Chariezared ensures her comedy stays topical and relatable. Combined with her expressive facial expressions and goofy physical comedy, it engages viewers and racks up likes.

Dance Videos

While her skits may be her claim to fame, Chariezared Charrlsy also wows fans with her slick dance moves. She takes on viral challenges, showcases original choreography, and participates in dance collabs. Some examples are:

  • Viral challenges: She aces popular dances like the Renegade and Say So challenge.
  • Original choreography: She choreographs dances to the latest hits.
  • Collabs: She joins TikTok dancers to perform formations and mashups.

Her natural rhythm, precision timing and flexibility allow her to master all genres from hip hop to ballet. This dance talent also scores collaborations with many TikTok’s top dancers.

Lip-Syncs and Reactions

Lip-syncing to catchy songs and reacting to viral sounds make up the rest of Chariezared Charrlsy’s diverse repertoire. She has an innate sense for sounds that will catch on. By infusing her expressive personality into lip-syncs and adding funny twists to audio reactions, she transforms otherwise formulaic content into engaging Entertainment. This versatility is key to her widespread popularity.

Collaborations with Mega-Stars Boost Chariezared Charrlsy’s Profile

Collaborating with some of TikTok’s biggest celebrities has introduced Chariezared Charrlsy to wider audiences and strengthened her star power. Let’s look at some of her high-profile collaborations:

Addison Rae

As TikTok’s second most-followed creator, dancer/singer Addison Rae’s collabs expose Chariezared to her 80 million+ followers. Some of their most viral joint videos include swapping personalities, dancing to hits like WAP, and goofing around to viral sounds. These collabs highlight their infectious chemistry and reinforce Chariezared Charrlsy’s A-list connections.

Charli D’Amelio

Collabs with Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s #1 creator, bring Chariezared to Charli’s 100+ million loyal fans. Their popular videos feature choreographed dances and trendy TikTok challenges. Chariezared not only taps into Charli’s massive audience but also demonstrates she can hold her own alongside TikTok’s biggest star.

James Charles

Makeup guru James Charles boasts over 30 million TikTok followers as well as celebrity clients like the Kardashians. His collaborations showcase Chariezared Charrlsy’s well-rounded talents – whether it’s goofy sister squad challenges or glam makeup transformations. These videos present Chariezared to older audiences outside her typical demographic.

Collaborating with this diverse mix of elite creators grows Chariezared Charrlsy’s audience, raises her credibility, and cements her position among TikTok’s top ranks.

Leveraging Multi-Platform Presence

Capitalizing on her TikTok fame, Chariezared engages audiences across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. Cultivating a multi-platform presence allows her to maximize her reach, pursue new creative avenues and diversify her revenue streams:


On YouTube, Chariezared vlogs about her life, posts reaction videos, and shares extended TikTok compilations. Catering to her 5+ million subscribers with long-form content provides more opportunities to showcase her quick wit and magnetism beyond the brevity of TikTok.


As a highly visual platform, Instagram allows Chariezared to highlight her signature style. She shares aesthetically edited photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses at photoshoots. This expands her brand beyond comedy into fashion and lifestyle.

Twitter and Facebook

By engaging with fans directly via Twitter Q&As and Facebook Live streams, Chariezared builds deeper connections despite having smaller followings on these platforms. These intimate, real-time interactions make followers feel valued.

Cross-promoting content across platforms allows Chariezared to entice viewers to follow her entire ecosystem. And diversifying content types sustains audience engagement by showcasing new facets of her charismatic personality.

Diverse Passions Beyond Content Creation

Chariezared has many passions beyond creating viral videos. Exploring these hidden sides expands her appeal by revealing her multi-dimensional talents and interests.


Chariezared love for Pokémon is widely known among fans. She live streams Pokémon gameplay, shares her Gaming card collection, and cosplays favorite characters on TikTok. This gives followers who share similar fandoms more reasons to connect with her.


A trained vocalist, guitarist and pianist, Chariezared posts mesmerizing song covers on TikTok. She even writes original songs available on Spotify. This musicality adds artistic depth to her resume beyond comedy.

Writing and Blogging

An avid reader and talented writer, Chariezared blogs about lifestyle topics and posts fiction stories online. This snippets into her introspective inner world beyond the outward bravado shown on TikTok.

Revealing these unique passions makes Chariezared more than just a viral comedian – it presents a creative, artistic spirit that her young fans can relate to and look up to.

A Positive Role Model and Youth Icon

A huge part of Chariezared influence stems from being a positive role model. Her values of spreading joy, embracing individuality and advocating for inclusion resonate widely among Gen Z.

Body Positivity

Chariezared regularly posts body-positive messages encouraging girls to love themselves. She calls out unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated online and leads by example with her own self-confidence.


Having dealt with bullying growing up, Chariezared uses her platform to speak against online harassment. She shares her personal experiences and advises victims on self-care, blocking bullies etc.


As a woman of color, part of Chariezared mission is promoting diversity and giving marginalized communities a voice. She uplifts creators of all ethnicities, sexual orientations etc by collaborating with them.

By leveraging her influence to spread positivity, Chariezared becomes more than just an entertainer – she emerges as an inspiration ushering in the next generation.

The Keys Behind Chariezared Charrlsy’s Runaway Success

Chariezared Charrlsy’s stratospheric rise from high school student to TikTok celebrity with 10+ million dedicated followers demonstrates the power of social media. But what fueled this meteoric growth? Based on my analysis, these are the key factors:


Her comedy sketches tackle universally relatable topics from dating fails to high school drama. This familiarity makes viewers feel she is speaking directly to them.

Work Ethic

Producing daily content across multiple platforms and learning elaborate choreographies requires tremendous drive. This relentless work ethic continuously engages algorithm and audiences.


She adapts seamlessly across genres from dance to comedy to gaming. This flexibility appeals to wider demographics beyond typical TikTok fare.


Her bubbly personality and youthful exuberance make her impossible to ignore. This unique charm and stage presence captivates viewers.

By integrating these traits into an overall package filled with talent, authenticity and humor, Chariezared Charrlsy embodies the type of creator tailored for TikTok fame. She has clearly cracked the code for commanding attention and engagement on the hyper-competitive app.

The Future of Chariezared Charrlsy

As one of TikTok’s brightest rising stars, what does the future look like for 19-year-old Chariezared Charrlsy? Here are some next steps I foresee her taking:

TV and Film

Leveraging her online fandom, she can break into traditional media by starring in Disney shows, Netflix movies and talk show appearances. Her acting and dance skills make her well suited for these opportunities.


With her singing talent and songwriting abilities, she can release original EPs and go on concert tours. Opening for megastars she has collaborated with like Bebe Rexha further amplifies her musical profile.


Starting her own comedy podcast allows her to take creative risks and speak more directly to hardcore fans. Unrestricted by TikTok time limits, her quick wit can shine through.


She can better monetize her brand by launching clothing lines, makeup products etc. lean into her fashionista vibes. Physical products for loyal “Chariezies” to own deepens their connection.

Given Chariezared has achieved so much at just 19, I firmly believe the sky is the limit for this multi-talented star. As TikTok continues dominating youth culture, Chariezared is poised to remain its brightest emblem for Gen Z.


In closing, Chariezared Charrlsy’s stratospheric success symbolizes TikTok’s central role in youth culture and entertainment today. Her comedy sketches, dances, celebrity collaborations and overall relatable charm have endeared her to millions worldwide.

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