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Jenna Aze Lifestyle: How to Live Like a Star

Jenna Aze Lifestyle: How to Live Like a Star

Dec 10, 2023
  • Jenna Aze is a former adult film star who has reinvented herself as a lifestyle guru and entrepreneur.
  • She shares her tips and tricks on how to achieve a healthy, happy, and glamorous life on her blog and social media platforms.
  • Some of the aspects of her lifestyle include fitness, beauty, fashion, travel, wellness, and personal development.
  • You can follow her advice and emulate her style to transform your own routine and live like a star.

Who is Jenna Aze?

Jenna Aze is an entrepreneur, author, and internet personality who has garnered a substantial following from her days as an adult film actress. Born in 1985, Jenna entered the industry shortly after turning 18. She quickly made a name for herself, winning accolades like AVN’s Best New Starlet Award in 2005.

After retiring from adult films in 2012, Jenna sought to reinvent herself and capitalize on her fame. She launched her lifestyle brand “Jenna Aze Lifestyle” with a blog and social media presence dedicated to sharing her tips on how regular people can live glamorously. Her YouTube lifestyle channel now boasts over 2 million subscribers.

Over the past decade, Jenna has shown herself to be an adept business woman and passionate lifestyle guru. She has expanded her offerings to include an eCommerce shop, online courses, sponsored content work with brands, and even her own product lines. Jenna also regularly appears in mainstream media, featured on shows like a 2018 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

What is Jenna Aze Lifestyle?

Jenna Aze Lifestyle is both the personal brand and multimedia platform Jenna uses to promote her advice and insights on achieving optimal wellness, beauty, fashion, travel, fitness, and success.

The hub of her content production is her YouTube channel, where she posts weekly vlogs and videos to over 2 million loyal subscribers. Popular uploads include “Follow Me Around” days in her life, Get Ready With Me’s featuring her beauty routines, travel guides, and Q&As where she answers fan questions.

Her blog features longer-form written content that covers everything from clean eating meal plans to visualization practices for self-improvement. Jenna also uses Instagram to share pics and stories of her glam life along with inspirational quotes. For audio content, she hosts her own podcast “Aze Living” where she interviews influential figures about their habits and mindsets.

Across her channels, Jenna Aze provides entertaining and educational lifestyle content tailored to teaching everyday people how to unlock their best selves. The candid insight into how she sculpts her world helps explain why she’s become a pop culture icon.

How to Stay Fit Like Jenna Aze

As someone who rose to fame thanks to her striking looks, physical fitness has always been a central element of Jenna Aze’s routine. Although her fitness regimen evolves, she believes in a balanced, flexible approach focused on feeling healthy over looking a certain way.

Her philosophy prioritizes workouts you enjoy and listening to your body’s needs day-to-day over intense training. She advises focusing on full-body functional movements that build overall strength and cardio endurance for life, rather than sculpting specific muscle groups. Still, Jenna says she loves experimenting with new challenging programs to shock her body and break through plateaus.

Over the years, Jenna has been an avid practitioner of pilates, yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), boxing, and daily brisk walking. She enjoys using kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and her own body weight to craft strengthening workouts at home or outside without needing the gym.

Jenna tracked her fitness progress for years with a Fitbit but has recently switched to using the Apple Watch. She syncs hers with the MyFitnessPal app to log steps, heart rate, calories burned, and activity minutes. The stats help her gauge the right balance of low, moderate, and high-intensity workouts.

For those inspired to get moving like the perpetually energetic entrepreneur, Jenna recommends starting with simpler routines. Try her “Perfect Week Challenge” below adapting elements to your current ability:

Monday: 30-minute HIIT workout video + 30-minute walk outside

Tuesday: Light yoga flow routine + 5-mile bike ride

Wednesday: Jenna Aze’s Total Body Band Workout eCourse

Thursday: Rest day – try gentle stretching and foam rolling

Friday: 45 mins brisk treadmill walk on high inclines

Saturday: Boxing video workout + 30-minute walk

Sunday: Rest and reflect on accomplishments!

How to Look Gorgeous Like Jenna Aze

As one of the most glamorous influencers on social media, users constantly ask Jenna Aze for the secrets behind her consistently flawless beauty look. She’s candid about the effort her appearance requires, devoting hours per week to skin and hair care along with mastering makeup application.

“I’ve spent years researching and testing products and techniques to figure out my personal recipe for looking gorgeous inside and out,” Jenna writes on her blog. “Now I’m excited to pass along what I’ve learned to help other busy women glow up their beauty routine.”

The Jenna Aze Skincare Routine

Jenna credits her radiant, youthful complexion to her multi-step Korean-inspired system focused on gentle ingredients and regular exfoliation.

She starts each morning by double cleansing – first removing makeup with micellar water then washing with a creamy non-foaming cleanser. Jenna then applies a refreshing toner packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid to prep skin.

Her serum is tailored to her goals that day – either a potent vitamin C, gentle retinol, or hydrating hyaluronic acid. She taps them in before smoothing on a lightweight gel moisturizer and mineral SPF 30 sunscreen.

At night, Jenna removes all makeup with cleansing balm then washes again. She alternates between using a 10% AHA exfoliant and a soothing peptide serum several times a week to regenerate skin overnight. Her moisturizer is richer in the evenings, often a overnight mask.

Her favorite skincare brands are The Ordinary for actives and CosRx for clean Korean formulations. She also loves gadgets and regularly uses her Foreo Luna cleansing device, microcurrent NuFace Trinity, and LED light therapy mask.

Jenna’s Makeup Must-Haves

For her makeup, Jenna obsesses over finding formulas that feel weightless while providing pigment she can build from day to night. She spends a lot of time perfecting complexion with concealers, contour, highlight, and setting powder.

“I’ve tried hundreds of foundations, but nothing gives me that filtered look like Fenty Pro Filt’r,” Jenna gushed in a recent video. She mixes shades 100 and 120 to match her skin before summer tanning sessions.

To sculpt her cheeks, she swears by the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit stating “this matte bronzer blends seamlessly to subtly define.” She taps on highlighter from Becca Cosmetics to illuminate before setting everything with Laura Mercier powder.

When it comes to eyes, Jenna has an entire drawer dedicated to palettes and liners. She spends 10 minutes practicing the latest Instagram makeup trends with color blending. For more wearable daytime glam, she opts for a neutral shimmer shadow swept across lids and mascara.

To shape her brows, she uses precisely angled brow pencils then sets the hairs up with clear gel. Jenna also regularly gets them tinted and threaded for extra definition.

Her lipstick collection contains every color under the sun, but she often gravitates towards Urban Decay and NARS for bold pigment. Topping off her pout with lip gloss is her favorite finishing touch.

Jenna’s Haircare & Dressing Styling

As a natural brunette, Jenna embraces switching up her hairstyle as much as her clothing. She’s been platinum blonde, pastel pink, fiery redhead, and ombre. No matter the color, her hair always looks freshly done and healthy thanks to religious conditioning routines.

Jenna Aze’s fashion sense and style, such as her mix of casual and chic, her use of colors and patterns, and her accessories and jewelry.
Recommend some of her favorite outfits and pieces, such as her denim jacket, her floral dress, her leather pants, and her statement earrings.
Suggest some of her go-to stores and online shops, such as Zara, H&M, ASOS, and Nordstrom.
Provide a sample capsule wardrobe that reflects her style.

Jenna is a huge fan of Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfector for reversing damage from constant heat and color treatments. She credits the bond-building treatment for keeping her hair strong despite constant styling.

For daily shampoo and conditioning, she uses personalized Function of Beauty products. She customizes her formula to include hair thickening ingredients along with added moisture and shine.

When it comes to hairstyles, Jenna can pull off everything from polished updos to messy beach waves. She works with her longtime stylist to craft cuts that enhance her look’s versatility. Her latest style is collar bone-length layered locks with wispy face-framing pieces she can easily pin back.

At home, she relies on the Dyson Airwrap Complete to quickly style smooth blowouts or bouncy curls she sets with hairspray. Jenna is also skillful with a curling iron to touch up locks between salon visits or create retro pin curls at night.

How to Travel Like Jenna Aze

Explore Jenna Aze’s travel adventures and experiences, such as her destinations, activities, and cultures.
Share some of her travel tips and advice, such as how to plan, pack, budget, and stay safe.
Recommend some of her travel essentials and gadgets, such as her suitcase, her camera, her passport holder, and her power bank.
Provide a sample itinerary for one of her recent trips, such as her visit to Paris, France.

Jenna Aze Fitness and Wellness Routine

Jenna Aze maintains her physique through a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. Incorporate a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises into your routine. Pay attention to nutrition by eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Don’t forget the importance of mental wellness – meditation and mindfulness are key components of Jenna’s lifestyle.

The Jenna Aze Manicure

No look is complete without Jenna’s signature long, coffin-shaped manicure. She gets them filled religiously every 2 weeks to maintain the elongated almond tips.

Her favorite polish brand is Essie thanks to their huge color selection and consistently glossy formula. She owns dozens of shades and encourages having fun playing with different hues and patterns.

Some of her go-to colors includes a bright cherry red Essie Forever Yummy for when she wants to make a statement and a milky pink Mademoiselle for a softened daytime style. She likes to accent with abstract art or rhinestones near the cuticle for extra flair.

Of course, keeping nails looking perfect requires diligent upkeep. She stresses using cuticle oil multiple times a day along with overnight treatments to condition. She also files and buffs out chips the moment she notices them to avoid spreading cracks.


adopting the Jenna Aze lifestyle is about more than just emulating a celebrity; it’s about embracing a philosophy that prioritizes self-care, ambition, and a touch of glamour. Jenna Aze, a fictional persona embodying elegance, confidence, and success, offers a template for those aspiring to enhance their daily lives with a sprinkle of stardom.

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